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What We Do

The Bavubuka Creative Hub offers spaces, and resources for young people to learn, share, and create. Our aim is to create opportunities for them to gain new skills, bring their own creations to life, and develop meaningful relationships with peers and community.

Through our workshops and programs, we hope to provide transformative platforms which are designed to strengthen, encourage, and celebrate the voice of the youth, empowering and unifying young people from diverse communities.

Focusing on the areas of arts, music, media, and entrepreneurship, we aim to continue to provide a physical space that gives individuals the ability to see their brilliance, believe in themselves, and access knowledge that can maximize the quality of their life and the positive impact they can make.

Our programs, workshops, and festivals are designed to unify the youth of the diaspora, through exploring our unique stories and tuning into our authentic voices. Our aim is to create a safe creative empowering motivating and inspiring space for many of our young people who find themselves isolated and marginalized by their diaspora voyage experience. We believe with a commitment to restoring Dignity for all in the diaspora, especially those of African-Descent we can build a fresh landscape to liberate the minds of our youth.

Our Programs

Homework Club

Bavubuka’s Homework Club is an after-school mentoring program offered to school-age boys and girls (Grades 1-8) who require academic support and would benefit from one-on-one homework mentoring with a caring youth volunteer. The Homework Club meets for one hour twice a week after school from mid-September to June. Our community of volunteers gives their time to assist children experiencing academic difficulties or needing help maintaining their grades. It is ideal for working parents or new immigrant families with language barriers who cannot assist their children with challenging homework tasks. Please check the calendar for Homework Club times.

Drumming w/ Joshua

Be yourself, get creative, make new friends, learn a song, and most of all, play and have fun! Led by Joshua Balabyekkubo, Drumming w/ Joshua is a safe space equipping children and youth with the emotional tools they need to succeed and thrive. Drumming has the healing power that enables participants to develop their inner sense of rhythm and enhance self-esteem, social connection, self-control, teamwork, and self-awareness. These sessions allow participants to engage in mindful thinking and conflict-resolution activities through fun rhythm games and sharing meaningful rhythmical ideas. Please check the calendar for drum session times.

Afro/ Hip-Hop Dance

Good vibes are guaranteed! No matter where you come from or how much dance experience you have, join our dance crew taking inspiration from the different dance styles and music across Africa. Participants will explore, and create African and Hip-Hop Dance routines. Learning techniques, grooves and choreography, participants will learn and train in Afro & hip-hop dance, where the dances come from and collaborate to create a fun, energetic class that will respond to the positive vibes of Afrobeat & hip-hop music. Showcasing the changes throughout generations and the expansion of the diaspora. Please check the calendar for dance class times.

Kumbuka Kid's Sports Club

The Kumbuka Kids Sports Club engages newcomer, marginalized, and black youth and children in our community through weekly sports skills training and games. Participants will engage in basic training in fundamentals and skill concepts of various sports in an exciting and fun open-learning atmosphere. Our two age groups have a positive environment to learn, grow, and share their abilities. Participants will build strength, skills, and speed, but the lessons go far beyond how to play sports. We are committed to ensuring that more youth and children can improve their health, get active and participate in sports through the Kumbuka Kids Sports Club. Every child deserves an encouraging, empowering sports experience. 

Phenomenal Woman (pwp)

Through the Phenomenal Woman Program, we are committed to empowering, educating, and enriching the lives of young women and girls ages 6-25 through various sessions and workshops. Our workshops are held in group settings covering a wide array of personal development and educational workshops that allow participants to tune into and experience their inner power of expression and discover their authentic, dynamic gifts designed for self and community transformation. Promoting sisterhood and leadership will allow participants to grow their skills as aspiring community leaders, working towards opportunities that will activate their greatness for purposeful living with a chance to celebrate their unique story.

Black Youth in Action (BYA)

Our BYA Program seeks to celebrate and advance the state of Young Black Visionaries to showcase their visions, dreams, and ideas by promoting powerful communication skills and confidence. We hope to foster young leaders to emerge and make an impact in their communities and beyond by engaging with those in power to acknowledge their contributions and impacts on our generation. Through the spirit of OBUMU (unity, togetherness, oneness or collective), Bavubuka continues to lead both young men and women from various communities to share, learn, and advance their approach to community building by taking the lead in creating their initiatives within their passion for educating and uplifting the youth in their communities.

Ubuntu Table & Celebrations

We believe that cooking and eating together hold power. The kind of power that connects people and reduces social isolation. Good food brings people together, so we aim to build programming around good food. The Ubuntu Table brings children, families, and adults together to learn healthy food skills and build community through monthly workshops and gatherings. We hope to strengthen bonds as we build food skills and share meals. All workshops are opportunities for hands-on food preparation with specific menus and goals in mind. Our workshops include cross-cultural and seasonal cooking that tries new recipes, experiments with fresh ingredients, and advises on cooking on a budget. All are welcome to join.

Dedicated to our Values


 Our diverse programming allows us to offer a variety of opportunities that accommodate your schedule, including short-term projects and on-going opportunities. If you are interested in joining our Bavubuka Creative Hub community of volunteers, please send an email for the Volunteer Application form at [email protected].

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Join the list of individuals and organizations from the business community that support us. We’ll show you firsthand where your financial support is going, and the difference your gift makes. For information about how your organization can pledge support, email us at [email protected].

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The Bavubuka Foundation partners with individuals, companies, non-profits, and other organizations to address the challenges of underserved communities. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support, and more helping build stronger youth, families, and communities. Contact us for more details about how you can help us soar at [email protected].