Bavubuka Foundation


The Bavubuka Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes that connecting youth with music and the arts can transform lives and unify diverse communities. Created by Silas Balabyekkubo (aka Babaluku), an award-winning musician, producer, community youth activist and social entrepreneur. Since 2005 he has spent much of his time engaging in dialogue with youth and elders of different communities both in the cities and the villages of Uganda, US & Canada; learning and documenting their truth, exchanging positive dialogue, and creating the physical platforms needed to inspire solution-driven action concerning the future of young people. The continued absence of opportunity in marginalized and diaspora communities is unacceptable. It is this that pushes Silas to explore all mediums of expression to find ways to bridge the gap between the youth and those in positions to facilitate the necessary change. Silas is dedicated to changing lives and giving hope to young people

Each Bavubuka project fosters and promotes reconciliation and peace building activities by using transformative art to cultivate personal empowerment within a united communal effort. Bavubuka provides youth with the opportunity to gain new skills, bring their own creations to life, and develop relationships that connect them to their immediate community, the larger Diaspora struggle, and a global peace building movement. We know that when youth are provided with space, given full access to resources, empowered with education, and encouraged to express their creativity, they have the will and power to build a greater community for a stronger future. The Bavubuka Foundation strongly believes that through music, a movement that represents peace, love, equality, and unity will be established.


We invite individuals, groups, and institutions to bring their passions, skills, knowledge and life experiences, and we will match you to a leader
and community where you will make the most impact and feel the most reward from your experience

We work with the active young leaders which the Bavubuka Foundation has nurtured and supported over their years in service to their communities.

We are inspired by the groundbreaking and inspirational work they have been doing, using Indigenous Hip-Hop practices to restore hope and healing, and unifying a generation of people towards self-reliance and positive change.